Additional Support Needs

Children who attend Lochies School have a range of addtional support needs including: severe learning difficulties; complex learning difficulties; language / communication disorders and autistic spectrum disorders (ASD); physical disabilities

In addition pupils may have secondary needs such as epilepsy or social / emotional difficulties.

Our learners

Lochies is an interdenominational school and provides places for pupils aged between 3- 12 who have severe and complex additional support need

The current school roll is 37 pupils.


We have 6 classrooms in addition to a range of facilities including a sensory room, soft play, therapy room and general purpose room which is fitted with kitchen facilities where our learners participate in a variety of learning opportunities.  Lochies school shares a large gym and dining hall with Deerpark Primary.

Outdoors the children access play areas which are secured by perimeter fencing and beyond this there is a large grassed area which has a small adventure playground, sandpit and football/basketball area.

Our values

Throughout last session we consulted with all staff, parents and agencies who work with us at Lochies to review our school values.  These are our collaborative values for Lochies School:

  • Happiness
  • Trust
  • Respect
  • Commitment
  • Independence
  • Dignity
Our vision

Our shared vision for Lochies School

We are a school community who are committed to the education and wellbeing of our children and their families. We are striving for excellence in all aspects of our school curriculum to ensure that we are meeting the needs of every child in our school. We are committed to working with our children, parents, staff and partners to ensure that our school offers engaging, motivating and inspiring learning experiences for all.

Our aims

At Lochies School we aim:

  • To have a school that is an exciting and fun place to learn, where everyone is respected and achievements are celebrated
  • To promote positive and solution focussed attitudes throughout the school community. At Lochies “We can…”
  • To have a skilled staff who are creative and flexible in their approaches to learning and teaching
  • To ensure we have our children at the centre of their learning and that our children are leading us in their learning pathways
  • To positively engage with our children, families and the team around each child so that we can work in effective partnerships and collaboratively plan bespoke programmes for every child.
  • To expect the very best standards for and of our pupils and ensure that they are challenged and achieving
  • To provide a total communication environment which allows our children opportunities to spontaneously interact with those around them
  • To work in partnership with the team around our children and collaboratively plan effective programmes for each child


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What our parents said

We asked our parents what they thought and this is what they said

Q- How well do you think the school support you and your child?

The staff are amazing.  We were not sure at all with Jayden going to Lochies but it was the best decision we made, the staff are really amazing – not just in school but they are there for us at home as well.

Q- How satisfied are you with the opportunities available to you to discuss any issues concerning your child with school staff?

Very much an open door policy – always feel the staff are willing to discuss issues (if any) without the need for formal appointment. Nice to be reassured immediately.

Q- How welcome do you feel when you visit our school?

Everyone is so welcoming. When you speak to any of the staff it’s like talking to your friend; they make you feel so welcome

Q- How happy are you with the service/supports you child has received?

Lochies is a great school, the staff not only are great at teaching and assisting the children but also in creating a warm, positive environment for the children to thrive in.

Q-  How happy are you with the level of communication between you and the school?

Again very good with the sheets indicating what Brandon has been up to in a day to day basis.

Q- Is there anything we can improve at Lochies?  Any other comments?

Since being at Lochies our child has come a long way and we can see a big difference in our child and we are grateful and thankful that Lochies School is there and that our child gets all the help and support our child needs as well as us.

Q- How happy are you with the level of communication between you and the school?

Excellent communication between school and myself.  Diaries very helpful, enabling school and myself to communicate on a daily basis.

Q- Is there anything we can improve at Lochies?  Any other comments?

Lochies is a fantastic school which is giving our child the best possible start in life, we are more than happy with everything the staff do. They are excellent.

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